December 19, 2018 Update

Purpose: To keep abreast of the evolution of Social Purpose within FSV.  To share ideas within the brands of FSV for Social Purpose to continue our growth/development within SP.

Outcome: To have a better understanding of the direction that FSV is headed in the Social Purpose/Relief Fund environment and to have a better knowledge of what the brands within FSV are actively working on within Social Purpose.

  1. Social Purpose Update

  • Our Social Purpose is centered around 3 Pillars: Our People, Our Community and Our Environment

  1. Relief Fund  

  • 27 grants awarded YTD; need to continue to drive payroll participation

  • $60,000 in grants

  • 7 companies/brands with at least 1 recipient

  • 6+ grant recipient stories written to inspire awareness – newly posted story about a Paul Davis grant recipient

  • 1 grant recipient video (Mario)

  1. Social Purpose Website

  • Links shared on Monday for your review/feedback due by 12/21

  • Launching 1/7

  • No impact to your embedded calendars

  1. Spotlight Newsletter 

  • Next edition to be released Jan 7

  • Will include info on new website so we would like to see broad distribution

  1. Best Practice Sharing/ Open Discussion

  • Have you visited the Forum

  • Share your SP materials on the Forum

  • Any Updates/Stories that the brands would like to share

  1. Call to Action

  • Review website and provide feedback by 12/21

  • FSV Support — Consider what/how we can assist you and share thoughts with Jennifer

  • Forum – please commit to visiting the Forum before our next call and contribute content/ideas or let Jennifer know what additional topics you would value