How to Host a Donation Drive

Donation drives are an easy way to make a positive impact in your community. Here are some easy steps to get you started. 

1) Select a cause you wish to support, and a recipient for your donated items. Some ideas include:

  • Toys For Tots

  • Local homeless shelters

  • Area food banks

  • Children’s hospitals

  • Women’s shelters

2) Determine the items you will be collecting as part of your drive

  • If there are multiple items, you can provide a list
  • If you only need a certain number of specific items create a sign-up sheet for those items
  • Decide if you will be collecting used and new items
  • If you are doing a toy drive, specify whether gifts should be wrapped or unwrapped

3) Set a date, time and location for your drive

  • You can pick a day, a week, or even a month
  • Specify drop off times
  • Make sure to provide an address and times where you will be collecting items in person or via mail

4) Post details of your Drive to your company’s event calendar

5) Ask for volunteers to help sort items

6) Promote your Drive

  • Use internal platforms such as company intranets, Yammer, etc.
  • Post details on your social media platforms
  • Send communications to the office
  • Announce on any other platforms you have to reach your co-workers
  • Add your event to the Social Purpose event calendar

7) Sort incoming donations

  • Determine whether the organization you are supporting will pick up items or if you will have to deliver them

  • If you will be delivering the items make sure you have boxes or way to pack the items to be delivered

8) Count your donations

  • Let donors and co-workers know how impactful your drive was

9) Take photos of donated items and share your story

  • Post photos and amounts of items collected to your social media platforms using the #FirstServeOthers hashtag
  • Let your colleagues know how impactful their participation was by sending internal communications