Social Purpose Toolkits

We have created a series of Social Purpose Toolkits to help you create and execute your own events. We will continue to add more Toolkits to this area so please check back! If there is something you are interested in but don’t see here, drop us a note at

Donation Drives

Donation drives are a popular (and easy!) way to help those in need in your community. They can be done in-office or virtually.

Clean Up Events

One of the ways we support Our Environment is through Clean Up events. Clean Up events can be done with your colleagues, your family or by yourself.

Card Campaigns

Looking for an easy way to brighten someone’s day? Need an idea of a family-friendly activity? Whether you are sending cards to isolated seniors or deployed military personnel, card campaigns are a great way to express your creativity and put a smile on someone’s face.

Daylight Hour

Every year we take a hour and turn off the lights in day-lit areas in support of #DaylightHour. Daylight Hour is a global social media campaign designed to raise awareness of energy conservation and wellness in the workplace.

Step Challenge

Step Challenge

Step Challenges are a great way to engage your team members while encouraging everyone to take time to focus on their health and wellness. The best part? Organizing one is very simple, and there are lots of great apps out there to help participants track their steps!