A Genuine Commitment to Our Environment

Our Environment is one of the three pillars of our Social Purpose, along with Our People and Our Community. Participating in activities that raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues is an interest shared by so many throughout our family of companies.

We see this commitment to Our Environment expressed in many ways, and it often starts with educating team members, clients and the public about the importance of adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Often it begins within our own offices. At FirstService Residential’s Dallas office, additional blue bins were provided for associates to have convenient access to recycling at their desks. Recycling stations were set up and team members were educated on which items are recyclable. The leadership team also brought in experts to educate teams about water quality improvement, pollinator conservation, and co-existing with wildlife in an urban environment, valuable information that will be shared with client communities.

In January, the New York office of FirstService Residential entered into an agreement to purchase clean energy for its New York City headquarters through 2021. But that’s not all – the region has converted more than 55% of its managed portfolio to 100% green energy. This equates to more than 125,000,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy each year and shows clients we are leading by example.

Paul Davis Restoration was easy to spot with their branded t-shirts and trash buckets during a recent beach clean up event

From left, Waleska Gonzalez, Renee Dore, and Sheilla Garcia

Our commitment to Our Environment is also expressed in very hands-on ways. Many of our teams have lead or participated in outdoor clean up activities. These included cleaning up roadsides in Northern Virginia and Texas, organized by Planned Companies and FirstService Residential, beautifying office parks outside the Pillar To Post offices in Ontario, helping restore a healthy ecosystem at a South Florida park near FirstService Residential’s Dania Beach headquarters, and cleaning up a beach in Northeast Florida coordinated by Paul Davis. Our colleagues at TLS also rallied those around us to join together to maximize our impact during the London Clean & Green event this past April.

Christian Mora and George Sosa at the under water clean up

But it didn’t stop there. Associates from FirstService Residential Florida participated in an underwater clean up in Deerfield Beach, setting a new Guiness World Record for their efforts!

Events like these not only support Our Environment but they are also opportunities for our people to engage with colleagues and foster a greater sense of camaraderie.