2019 Sustainability Expo: How Does Your Building Compare?

On May 23, FS Energy and FirstService Residential held their annual sustainability expo. This year the focus was on helping buildings prepare for the Climate Mobilization Act which went into effect on April 18, 2019.

The Climate Mobilization Act is groundbreaking legislation passed by the New York City Council. The act’s goal is to mitigate global warming by decreasing building emissions by 80% by 2050. With more than 1 million buildings in NYC, it’s a daunting task for the city — and for building owners and operators as well.

FS Energy and FirstService Residential share a commitment to provide guidance and support to their customers to help them make wise energy decisions. The companies offer a variety of programs and services to assist them in this area and to help them plan for and navigate the challenges associated with this new legislation.

During the event, board members, industry professionals and associates had the opportunity to attend multiple breakout sessions and speak with vendors about energy efficiency. The event closed with an interactive panel discussion entitled “Preparing for a Greener Future: How the Climate Mobilization Act Affects Your Building.”

The event was well attended, giving clients a unique opportunity to learn about energy reduction strategies and current energy law updates directly from city agencies and professionals all under one roof.