Find inspiration to perform simple acts of service from one of our Social Purpose Toolkits

If there is something you are interested in but don’t see in the toolkits, drop us a note at socialpurpose@firstservice.com.

Giving is Always in Style: Create a donation box by spending a few minutes in your closet to gather clothing, shoes or accessories you haven’t worn in over a year. Then drop it off at homeless shelter, Goodwill or any other charity of your choosing where clothing donations are accepted.

Put Your Skills to Good Use: Catchafire is a volunteer search tool designed to connect people to online volunteer projects. Opportunities include a timeline that can range anywhere from an hour to a few weeks, and many provide opportunities to flex your creative or strategic muscles. Visit Catchafire.org to see how you can match your professional skills to a purpose. 

Intentional Shopping Spree: Next time you’re at a discount store, take a detour through the toy section and select an assortment of toys, crayons and stickers, and purchase a bright bag to put them in. On your way home, drop the bag off at a nearby homeless shelter or foster home, where it can be gifted to a child in residence.

For more ideas and information visit the Summer of Service 2022 landing page.