Floor Coverings International Achieves a Relief Fund First

Floor Coverings International has set the standard for payroll donations to the FirstService Relief Fund achieving an unprecedented 100% participation rate!

You may recall the article in last month’s Spotlight about the importance of team members contributing to the Fund through payroll donations. At the time,  Floor Coverings International CEO Tom Wood and CFO Ben Pace were targeting a 90% payroll participation rate. Well, the team has surpassed its own goal and we are delighted to share that all team members have committed to support the Fund through ongoing payroll contributions. 

We are grateful to Floor Coverings International for their support and encourage you to consider signing up to donate via payroll donations if you aren’t already. When you do, the contribution comes out of your pre-tax pay, and you may receive tax credits in Canada or a tax deduction in the U.S. at the end of the year!