Planning an Event? Share It on Our Events Calendar

Getting the word out about what we are doing – and why we are doing it – is important to the growth and evolution of our collective Social Purpose. One way we share details of our activities is through our Events calendar, which contains details on how we support Our People, Our Community and Our Environment. All of our brands and companies are encouraged to submit their events to the calendar, which provides a convenient one-stop place for all FirstService-company Social Purpose events. Or does it?

It turns out our calendar only scratches the surface of how we give back! This year we have had more than 100 events posted to the calendar, but many more events are planned and organized by our people that never make it onto the calendar. 

Why does this matter?

When events are shared to the calendar, it’s easy for our people to locate the events and causes that are close to them geographically, or to support those that are close to their hearts. And for you, the event organizer, it’s a great way to share the wonderful things you are doing in support of causes that matter deeply to you while inspiring others to get involved as well through participation, volunteerism or donations.

If you are planning an event, or are involved in one, get it on the calendar! (Each company has a different process for doing that, but a good place to start is with one of your Social Purpose Champions or HR team members.)

Use the calendar to locate events and causes that are important to you!

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our Events calendar to see what’s happening. Finding events near you is easy – just use the City or State/Province filters, locate your location, then hit submit. Interested in finding events supporting causes for which you have a personal interest or passion? The Tags filter let’s you search by cause.

Want to learn more about past events? We highlight the great work our teams do in the Stories section of this website and we encourage you to check them out for inspiration. Who knows, you might even see some familiar faces there!

Another way to see our Social Purpose in action is by searching our #FirstServeOthers hashtag on your favorite social media channels. Want to follow the hashtag on Instagram? Simply type #FirstServeOthers in the search bar and select “Follow” to have #FirstServeOthers posts appear in your feed.

And as a reminder, any time you participate in an event that supports Our People, Our Community or Our Environment, be sure to tag #FirstServeOthers in your own social media posts!