Paul Davis Goes to the Dogs to Help Furry Friends

Paul Davis Team of volunteersPaul Davis goes to the dogs! This passionate group from Jacksonville, FL showed their love for furry friends by volunteering at the Jacksonville Humane Society. Recently, a group of seven volunteers showed strength in numbers, performing more than 21 hours of volunteer service to help care for the animals at the shelter.

That day, more than 100 dogs got their morning walks and potty breaks, and over a dozen containers of treats were donated along with 3000 potty bags to help keep the shelter well stocked.

And what did the volunteers get out of this day? A tail wagging good time, camaraderie and the amazing feeling that comes with performing a selfless act. 

Kudos to the team for showing us how easy it can be to #FirstServeOthers. For more on Paul Davis’ commitment to Social Purpose, check out their blog