Summer of Service at TLS: Engage, Energize, and Give Back!

Summer of Service is upon us, and longer days mean more time to give back. Wherever your passion lies, you can be certain there is a way to channel your time and energy into making a difference in your community. In this issue of Spotlight, we provide a peek at what your colleagues at TLS and FirstService Residential have planned so far, and also give you ideas of how to find sustainability and sports-related volunteer opportunities in your area. We also have lots of ideas to get your kids involved too! June is national Adopt A Cat Month

Summer of Service at TLS: Engage, Energize, and Give Back!

TLS is launching an action-packed series of Summer of Service activities this season, ensuring that each of our Social Purpose pillars – Our People, Our Community and Our Environment – are covered in their plans. The Summer of Service initiatives are designed to engage employees in fun, community-focused activities that promote wellness and giving back. Here’s a look at the fantastic events planned for June, July, and August:

June: Step Challenge

The TLS team is “walking” across Canada during its Step Challenge. Using the MoveSpring app, TLS is challenging its team to achieve its goal of 70 participants each walking an average of three miles per day. Together, participants aim to cover 5,000 miles this month. As an incentive for walkers to achieve this goal, TLS has committed to donate CAD $1,000 to a charity chosen by the individual who logs the most miles.

  • Participation Goal: 60% of TLS’ employees (70 participants)
  • Daily Target: 210 miles
  • Monthly Target: 6,300 miles (Team goal: 5,000 miles)
  • Charity Donation: CAD $1,000

This exciting group effort promotes better health while supporting a great cause!

July: Clean Up Scavenger Hunt

Throughout July, TLS will host a Company-wide Clean Up Scavenger Hunt. Educational content will be shared on the company’s Teams channel. During the last week (July 22nd to 29th), the company’s MomentMakers® will step away from their desks to help clean up their communities. Participants will earn points when they submit a list of items found with photos. The MomentMaker® with the highest score will select a charity to receive a CAD $1,000 donation from TLS.

  • Activity Period: Entire month of July
  • Off-Queue Clean Up: July 22nd to 29th
  • Charity Donation: CAD $1,000

This scavenger hunt aims to make the environment cleaner and greener while fostering a fun and competitive spirit.

August: Donation Drive

From August 1st to August 31st, TLS will conduct a Donation Drive to support local food banks. Employees will form four groups of MomentMakers®, each led by a leadership team member. Donations can be delivered to the TLS office for those local to London, or proof of donation can be submitted to team captains. The team that donates the most will receive a CAD $10 Tim Hortons gift card for each member. TLS will match the total amount or number of items donated, up to CAD $1,000.

  • Group Formation: Four groups, ~30 members each
  • Donation Period: August 1st to August 31st
  • Team Reward: CAD $10 Tim Hortons gift card per member of the winning team
  • TLS Match Donation: Up to CAD $1,000

This donation drive encourages community support and provides aid to those in need.

Get Involved and Make a Difference!

TLS’s Summer of Service is an excellent opportunity for employees to get active, connect with colleagues, and give back to the community. All MomentMakers® are encouraged to participate in these exciting events and contribute to the greater good. Together, everyone can achieve great things and support wonderful causes along the way.