Say Hello to Volunteer Hub, Our New Volunteer Management Portal

If you’ve visited the Event Calendar on the Social Purpose website you might have noticed it looks a little different. That’s because we just transitioned over to a new event management platform called Volunteer Hub.

Simplifying event management and communication

As our Social Purpose mission evolves, we identified the need for an easier to use calendaring system with enhanced communication capabilities to make the job of our event organizers more efficient. Volunteer Hub offers that, and so much more.

Volunteer Hub simplifies the role of the event organizer by providing a way to capture registration for events and to communicate with those who have signed up. It also offers robust reporting capabilities so we can see which types of events and activities attract the most interest. This will help our teams in future planning.

From the end user perspective, looking for ways to engage in Social Purpose activities has never been easier. Now a user can access and use the handy filter function on the left side to search for opportunities by company, or use the search icon in the upper right to search by event type or location.

Tools facilitate easy calendar management and social media sharing

When you locate an event or activity that interests you, you simply sign up and you will receive a confirmation email, a reminder email prior to the event and a thank you email at the conclusion of the event. You are able to embed the event details in your calendar and social sharing tools make it easy for you to post to your favorite social media accounts. When you do, be sure to tag them with #FirstServeOthers!

To get started, you will first need to free account. During the registration process you will be asked if you would like to receive SMS/text messages about events you sign up for, this is optional. You will also be asked if you plan to create events in the future. If you *think* you might, go ahead and say Yes, this way your account will be set up with advanced permissions to allow you to post your activities to the calendar.

To encourage team members to sign up, we are running a promotion throughout July and August. All new user accounts established during these months will be entered into a drawing to win a variety of prizes.

Our companies are in the process of rolling out their calendars so be on the lookout for a communication from your Volunteer Hub coordinator!