Personal Enrichment through Social Purpose

We hope you’ve had a chance to view our 2023 Social Purpose video, featuring insights from our team members on the benefits of joining our Social Purpose initiative. Through Social Purpose you have the opportunity to raise awareness of issues and causes that matter to you and make a difference in your workplace and your community. Volunteering also offers numerous personal benefits, including:

  • Sense of Fulfillment: Helping others and contributing to a cause can bring a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose.
  • Personal Growth: Volunteering can provide opportunities to learn new skills, gain experience, and broaden your perspective.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Engaging in altruistic activities has been linked to improved mental and emotional well-being, reducing stress and increasing happiness.
  • Social Connections: Volunteering often involves working with others, fostering new friendships and expanding your social network.
  • Increased Confidence: Successfully contributing to a cause or organization can boost self-esteem and confidence in your abilities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Volunteering can introduce you to a diverse range of people, potentially leading to professional connections and opportunities.
  • Improved Health: Studies suggest that volunteering is associated with better physical health outcomes, possibly due to increased physical activity and social engagement.

There are many ways to join our mission to #FirstServeOthers, here are just a few:

  • Participate in a Social Purpose activity – check out our Volunteer Hub calendar for a list of upcoming events
  • Plan your own Social Purpose activity – our Toolkits area contains how-to guides for a variety of fun activities based on your interests
  • Spread the word – like, comment and share your company’s Social Purpose activities by following them on social media
  • Join a Social Purpose Working Group

Our Working Groups provide opportunities for you to give back and help shape the future of our Social Purpose. These groups are comprised of volunteers passionate about specific topics, setting their own goals, meeting schedules, and formats.

In 2024, we have three active Working Groups:

Awareness Campaigns: This group focuses on creating communication and marketing materials for key Social Purpose campaigns, such as our Summer of Service, Daylight Hour, and the new Relief Fund Awareness month. If you’re hands-on and enjoy expressing your creativity and communication skills, this group, led by Scott Small of The Amenity Collective, meets monthly.

Employer of Choice / Best Place to Work: Bringing together leaders from various brands, this group aims to foster a positive workplace culture. In 2024, they plan to develop frameworks and deployment guides for enhancing employee programs. This group is led by Marco Malfavon from FirstService Residential and Ana Batti from TLS.

PawsFirst: Comprising colleagues across North America who share a love of animals, this group advocates for animal welfare through volunteerism and fundraising. In 2023, they successfully launched a pet photo contest and a Shelter Dog Awareness Month campaign. Led by Emily Villarroel and Nicholle Fernandes of Planned Companies, who just released a comprehensive calendar highlighting animal-themed awareness days/months that might give you some inspiration!

Download calendar

Participation in our Working Groups is open to all and entirely voluntary. We understand everyone’s busy schedules, and there’s no obligation to attend every meeting.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’ll be hosting an informational webinar on Wednesday, March 13 at 2 pm ET. If you are interested, email us at for a meeting invite! This is a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions. We look forward to potentially having you join us!