The FirstService Relief Fund: Better than Ever

In the 5 years since we launched the FirstService Relief Fund we have awarded more than $1M in grants to team members experiencing personal financial hardships in the US and Canada. We have helped nearly 2,000 team members with traditional grants, and awarded Immediate Response Program grants to more than 1,600 others.

We are always looking for ways to support the needs of our team members and are pleased to announce some enhancements to the FirstService Relief Fund.  

  • Expanded Grant Availability to 2 Grants per Rolling 12-months
In order to help as many team members as we can, we are eliminating the restriction that limited grant awards to one per every rolling 12 months, and have increased this to two grants every 12 months. 
  • Expanded Application Deadline
We have also expanded the timeframe within which an applicant can submit a grant request from 90 to 180 days following their Qualified Event. 
  • Expanded Expense Criteria
We have made changes to the types of expenses applicants can seek help with to cover all expenses across all Qualified Event categories, up to $3,000.

NEW: FirstService Relief Fund Canada

The most exciting news is that we have launched a new Relief Fund to provide assistance to our team members residing in Canada. This Fund works just like the original Relief Fund, but now Canadian team members will receive tax-free grants, and donors to the Fund in Canada will receive tax credits for their donations.

Effective January 1, donors residing in Canada who have elected to contribute through payroll donations are having their donations re-directed to the new Canadian Relief Fund. 

The Canadian Fund is administered by Emergency Assistance Foundation Canada and has its own dedicated website which is accessible at