Amplify Your Impact: 4 Compelling Reasons to Feature Your Social Purpose Event on the Volunteer Hub Calendar!

Considering an upcoming Social Purpose activity or event? Here are 4 compelling reasons to include it in the Volunteer Hub event calendar, which is the platform we use to share details on all the ways we #FirstServeOthers:

1) Boost participation:

By adding your event to our Volunteer Hub calendar, you can extend the reach to colleagues across the entire FirstService organization. This significantly enhances the chances of attracting more volunteers to join in!

2) Raise awareness for your causes:

Increasing awareness is crucial for the growth of organizations and for attracting new volunteers and donors. By featuring your activity on the Volunteer Hub calendar, you can effectively spread the word about the causes you care deeply about.

3) Support fundraising efforts:

If you are fundraising for a significant cause, it’s essential to maximize its exposure. Promoting it on the Volunteer Hub calendar ensures that a wider audience gets to know about your fundraising initiative, potentially increasing support and contributions.

4) Gain more visibility opportunities:

FirstService Corporation actively reviews the calendar to identify activities for potential participation or highlighting in its Spotlight newsletter. By having your event listed, you increase the chances of gaining additional exposure and recognition from the corporation.

Need help? Volunteer Hub Training: Join the Volunteer Hub training the third Thursday of every month at 2 pm ET to learn how easy it is to add your activities to the calendar. Zoom link:


Email Jennifer Kennedy with your event information (name, date/time, location, details) and she’ll add it for you. Email:

The calendar can be accessed via the Events link on our Social Purpose website navigation.