2023 Year End Message

Every day our teams exemplify our mission to #FirstServeOthers, demonstrating their commitment to caring for their colleagues, community members and environment. Social Purpose continues to be a powerful tool to bring teams together, cultivate relationships and showcasing that service is integral to our identity, extending beyond just part of our name.

This year, our Social Purpose teams collaborated to launch several new programs and initiatives. I’ve enjoyed seeing how enthusiastically – and creatively — our teams joined in. Random Acts of Kindness Bingo, which illustrated how seamlessly Social Purpose can be integrated into our daily lives.

Additionally we hosted our first ever pet photo contest, providing a platform for team members to share their cherished pets while raising money for charitable organizations. These were just two among several opportunities for everyone to get involved, and there will be more to come in 2024!

Participating in Social Purpose has always been an invitation open to everyone in our organization. Whether you want to help plan and organize activities or are content to show your support through participation, there is a place for you.

For this year’s Social Purpose video we asked our team members to share their thoughts on Social Purpose and what #FirstServeOthers means to them. I hope you enjoy hearing from them.

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Scott Patterson

Chief Executive Officer