First Onsite: Bringing Sweetness to Kids

First OnSite made Halloween just a little sweeter for residents of Pinnacle Living, a government housing complex located in Brooklyn, NY. First Onsite was brought in to handle a wide range of projects related to recent Hurricane Ida storm damage, including demo and rebuilding apartments, installing new boiler systems and cleaning basement crawl spaces.

The community is home to many families with children. First Onsite Project Managers Calena Hoover and Steve Wyatt wanted to do something fun for the children in the complex. Soon after sharing their idea with colleagues and subcontractors including RoMax, Nationwide Construction and Hillmann Consultants, donations of candy, coloring books and crayons, fun Halloween jewelry and even dog treats began pouring in.  The team distributed the goodies from a table outside their temporary office and also set out on foot walking the community and handing out candy and smiles to everyone they met.

 The sweet donations from the team helped brighten the day for more than 400 residents and children. Fifty lucky pups also received dog treats. So much candy was donated that even the hard working front line First Onsite crew got to enjoy some and share with their families too! The candy donations also created a great opportunity for the First Onsite team to engage with residents and answer questions residents had about the work going on in their community.

“I’ve always loved Halloween, and was excited about the opportunity to bring a smile to the faces of the wonderful residents we met at Pinnacle Living,” said Calena. “People were not used to having things given to them, so it was nice to see people enjoying it.”